The Internet of Things – The Innovations of Connectivity

Our world is in a state of ever-growing connection and innovation. How would you like your shoes to monitor your workout or get messages from your dryer or a refrigerator that gets on the Internet? Using the networking abilities of the high-speed Internet connections International connectivity available and the increasing speeds of cell phone technology, you will be able to do exactly that. Sensor technology will connect devices that you haven’t even thought of to your wireless devices and your home computers.

One of the most interesting uses of the Internet of things technology is Nike +, their running shoe with a sensor built right into the shoe. The sensor sends data to your iPod where you can track your run. The app comes with its own Nike social network where you can post your data. You can even have it post tweets on twitter or update your Facebook status about your run. It’s quite an innovative way to track your workouts.

IBM has been developing its “Smarter Planet” network designed specifically for Internet of things technology. In several cities, IBM has used this technology to deploy congestion management systems. It has seen results with lower emissions and lower traffic volume during normally high traffic times. HP has also created a similar Internet global connectivity of things network called CENSE which stands for Central Nervous System for the Earth. They intent to create networks of sensor devices to pull in data about things like temperature, airflow, and sound. Retail, governments, traffic, weather, and a host of other possibilities can then use this network of things for a multitude of possible applications.

There is also Internet of things ideas being tested and used for things like a sticker sensor that could be put in a store window that you could then touch your phone to and be taken to that store’s website instantly. Already, there is special data matrix codes made just for smart phone scanning. The growing trend is to have business cards with these data matrix codes at the cash register of a store. RFID technology could eventually make it as easy as holding your phone against the sensor. It could be amazing what kind of data could be brought to people through their Internet ready devices.

Home automation is certainly an area that Internet of things technology is being used. From home security systems that can work through a smartphone app or through your personal home computer to refrigerators that give you high speed Internet providers access. There are ideas to allow your refrigerator to pick up information from any item you store which could be used to monitor nutrition information for that diet you’re working on or just keep a home inventory letting you know when you’re out of an item. Your washer and dryer may someday soon let you know by text that your laundry is done. The possibilities of networking your home devices could be endless. People already enjoy the networking advantages of their Blu-ray players or game systems where they can get content from the Internet like Netflix or Hulu right on their television.

The world is growing in the realm of technology and we can only wonder what the Internet of things capability will do for us. High-speed Internet connections are a necessity in this electronic age. Home networks will likely be used for more than just connecting your laptop in the near future. It may be connecting your dryer, coffee maker, television, or refrigerator too. It will be interesting to see what innovations this technology brings.