Chronic Health Problems: Finding Happiness and Relief Through Massage

Managing stress relief or chronic health problems may be overwhelming to an individual handling it all on their own. Many seek aid from relaxation experience in bandung, Indonesia  who have the magic touch to make it all go away.

Those who suffer from chronic muscle strain, insomnia, muscle fatigue or even arthritis may benefit from a therapeutic massage. Hormones that cause stress can be alleviated through a relaxing massage. It has been proven that a massage can help the brain release dopamine and serotonin. Massage therapy is the natural Prozac for those suffering from depression and the natural Ibuprofen for physically strained individuals.

Massage is not the replacement for modern medicines, but is an aid in stimulating the feel-good aspects of the body and mind. One benefit of a massage is that it doesn’t have the side effects associated with some medical drugs. Massage has been proven to relieve lower back pain, increase range of motion and help reduce pain associated with muscle tension.

Other benefits of a massage are that it rejuvenates, it soothes and it restores balance to the body and mind. It can loosen knots in muscles and help pregnant women deal with woes of a changing body. Those in sports can extend their flexibility and more quickly recover from workouts. Circulation in he lymphatic and nervous system can increase and make one feel more alive. Those with Autism have shown improved attention span and more social attentive when massaged by a loved one. Those who suffer from Atopic dermatitis, ADD, Bulimia and Anxiety Disorder have all shown improvements are they are stimulated through massage. The stimulation caused by a massage not only heals, it just feels so good.

There are those who should not seek a massage such as those that who have suffered from heart failure. Sometimes a massage will loosen blockages in arteries or veins that may cause more damage to already severe health problems. Also those with contagious skin conditions should avoid seeing a massage therapist.

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to the future of massage. It seems that every day more benefits are being recognized. More and more hospitals and doctors are incorporating massage into their practices.

Some may worry about the cost of a massage. Professionals who are trained and experienced may charge what seems like an arm and a leg for a 1-hour massage. Putting things into perspective, what would you pay to get rid of pain? What would you pay to feel happy? Most of the world spends a fortune looking for things that makes them feel good and happy. Putting a price tag on the happiness and pain relief that results from a massage is like putting a price tag on a Monet. Essentially, happiness and feeling good is priceless.

Obviously a massage is not going to bring lasting happiness and is not going to be a cure all for emotional and physical pain. It is more of an oasis of temporary relief and joy. For lasting happiness and joy you will have to consult the Dalai Lama.