How to Convert Your Garage Into a Man Cave

If you are looking for more space so that you can do your “man” things, and you do not need a dedicated space for parking cars, it is easy to convert your existing garage into your very own man cave. This is a more cost-effective method than having to add an addition onto the home and will take far less time, which makes it the ideal option for those in need of extra space or a place to escape to every now and again.

The Plan

The initial stages of planning with the space in your garage is deciding how extensive the conversion is going to be. Are you planning to use the space any time of the day or night or even as a living quarter from time to time? Or do you reside in areas where the weather can become very hot or cold? If this is the case then you have to think about a lot more factors when it comes to converting this space. This can include insulation, air-conditioning and heating. However, if you plan to use the space only on occasion or to socialise with your male friends, you can get away with a lot less planning and work.

The decision on how to make the most of your space is personalised. If you plan to create a man cave that is primitive, you can get along with something very minimal. But if your preferences include turning the space into a room similar to the ones inside your house, it will require more work. If you plan to use electronics in the man cave or set up your beloved baby foot table or a dedicated blackjack table, then an HVAC and insulation are important to protect your belongings from humidity and extreme temperatures.

The Walls

Insulation is a personal choice, but usually recommended when your garage already doesn’t have it. A garage that is detached from the home will require more consideration when it comes to insulation as you won’t be able to use the AC or heat from your home. If the garage is finished with a drywall, this will offer you one less thing to do.

If you install drywall, it is important to remember the position of the studs, as you will be needing these when mounting a flat-screen TV, hanging a dartboard or a basketball hoop and even for your favourite neon-beer signs.

The Floors

The majority of garages are built on top of concrete slabs, making this an easier process. If you are interested in investing in insulated floors, it will require putting down insulation followed by installing floorboards. If you already have floorboards, you may want to consider installing a carpet. Yet if you plan to use this space to hang out with your mates, it is advisable to choose a more forgiving and supporting flooring material.

The Ceiling

If the ceiling in the garage is unfinished and you prefer not to look up into your rafters, drywall along with paint can work very well. You should also consider lighting fixtures or a fan that will come through the new or existing ceiling.

The Furniture

You can either use the furniture you already own or go shopping for new pieces. Yet it is important that you have enough seating for all your friends. You should also consider a fridge so you can offer drinks and food.

The Man Caveness

A man cave is not really a man cave without certain features. Focus on making this space your own. For example, you may still want to use certain areas for hanging your tools and camping gear. It is also important to aim at making it comfortable, to ensure it is a great place for relaxing. A wine rack, a bar area and a fridge will ensure your man cave is for men and not for boys.