Marketing Your Side Hustle on a Budget

Starting a side hustle is a great way to bring in extra cash. There are literally thousands of side hustle ideas you could start with little to no startup costs involved. Once you’ve chosen a gig and got things set up, the next step is attracting paying customers to your products or services. If you’re like most people who start a side hustle, however, chances are you’re launching with very little money to invest.

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Though there are a hundred ways you could market your business, when you’re working with a limited budget, not all mediums are feasible. Fortunately, there are borrowing solutions like bad credit personal loans which can be used to increase your side hustle marketing budget.

Another complexity when selecting the right marketing techniques for your side hustle is time. As most people who have a side hustle also work a full-time job, this essentially reduces the amount of time they have to work marketing. Essentially, finding the right marketing solutions means looking for options that are affordable and quick (or easy to manage).


Word of mouth remains one of the quickest ways to get the message out about your business. Start sharing the side hustle with people you know and ask them to tell others. You can even start a referral program where you offer something as a thank you for each person they refer to you like a free item or discount on your products and/or services. This is essentially free and affordable and doesn’t take much time at all.


Even though it’s only a side hustle, you still want to have a high-quality website to bring awareness to your brand (Which eventually gets customers to your business). Websites can easily be made without having to hire a developer. There are plenty of hosting sites that offer free or low monthly plans for sites. They have website building features that allow you to create your own professional website. Though it may take a few hours to complete, once it’s done you don’t have to do much to keep it maintained.

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Social media has become one of the largest marketing platforms for businesses of all sizes. It’s the perfect channel for connecting with your audience on a personal level and gaining new customers. Once you’ve created your accounts, simply start posting content relevant to your industry and side hustle.

Like and share photos, advertise promotions, give out coupons, and more to get customers interested in what you have to offer. While social media can be time-consuming, there are social media management tools that you can use for free that allow you to view all your accounts in one place, schedule posts months in advance, and reply to followers.

Whether you’re a blogger, rideshare driver, or dog walker,  marketing is a huge part of your side hustle success. Though factors like cost and time can make things a bit more complex, there are several solutions that can be used to get the word out about your business. Utilize the platforms and techniques like those described above to get your side hustle on the map.