Reasons Why Job Searches Take So Long (and It’s Not Your Fault)

You’re not the center of the universe!

Last week you sent your resume for a position that you know you’ll be perfect for. You match all of their posted requirements, you live only blocks from the company and the salary you’re looking for is completely in-line with what they’re offering.

Looks like a match made in heaven!

So you send your resume and wait by the phone for the call you’re SURE will come.

But the phone doesn’t ring….

And weeks go by…

And you think “Ummm HELLO! Do they NOT realize that their perfect candidate awaits blocks from their entrance?”

Before you go off the deep end, let me offer you some possible explanations from the hiring manager’s perspective.

Here’s one example. The hiring manager may have gotten an internal promotion, left the company or had a family emergency that put the search on hold indefinitely. Might sound far-fetched to you, but these things actually happen. I remember early in my career I had had a few great phone interviews for a position at the Philadelphia Orchestra. I was just waiting for the call to bring me down for an interview. A week later I called back to find that the hiring manager had actually been let go, and the new person was reorganizing the department and would let me know if he was interested.

The company’s financial outlook might have changed. When the でシンガポールの転職活動に成功をwas posted the budget was available, but they lost a large account or someone higher up imposed a hiring freeze and put the brakes on the posting. I’ve also had this happen to me too-twice-at the same company no less! I was allowed to post the シンガポールの求人なら実績の, got some resumes, did some phone interviews, and then was told that there was a hiring freeze. Was it a bad company? No, they had just lost a large client very unexpectedly and were a little skittish about hiring until the finances looked a little better.

I have another friend of mine who actually had two in-person interviews with a company, for the same position that became available two different times-and she STILL didn’t get the シンガポールで仕事. Her parting words to them were “Forget you ever heard my name.” It stinks, but sadly it happens.

There could even be another reason that you could not have anticipated. Several months ago I applied to be a speaker for a college career workshop. I wrote a great letter, and then just sat by the phone to wait for the call-like we all do. I made a followup call the next week and expected to hear appreciation because I had saved them from tracking me down to offer me the opportunity. The woman on the other end politely told me that after they posted the request, the college they were working with offered a speaker at no charge. That was it. It wasn’t ME! I had written a lovely, charming application, but the situation had changed and they no longer needed a speaker for the event.

So before you go making assumptions about why you didn’t get a job, cut yourself some slack and chalk it up to the fact that it just wasn’t meant to be and move on. Let it go and don’t count it as a failure, just another annoying hiccup in your job search.