Transforming Your Garage Into A Man Cave

All men will agree they need more space to do ‘man things’, but they don’t all need a place to park their car; so, why not use the garage and convert it into a much-needed man cave. This is less costly than adding an extension to the house and takes less time, so it is the ideal option for additional space.

Part 1: The Plan

The first decision to make when using garage space is how extensive you want the conversion to ultimately be. If the space will be used as living quarters all day and night, it will need to be larger than a small dog house-style. Moreover, if you live in a country with extreme temperatures, you will need to do more to convert the space regarding air conditioning and insulation. If, however, you plan on building some simple and creating a place for socialising, you can begin with less work and materials.

The plan is a very personalised one, and if you would prefer to have the man cave appear like any room inside a home, then that is an option; however, you will need to put in some more work. If the plan is to place some electronics in the room, or if you plan on installing a pool table, it is necessary to have adequate HVAC and insulation as protection for the games from humidity and extreme temperatures.

Part 2: The Walls

Insulation of the walls is available if you want it and if the garage does not already have it. Detached garages will require more consideration to insulate as they do not have the correct heat or AC system installation from an attached house.  Installing electric heating is a great option if you do not want the hassle of gas and Electric Heating Expert has great options for your detached cave. When the garage is unfinished, you can put up insulation between the wall studs closing up the insulation using drywall. The drywall can be pained using the colour of your choice. If the garage is finished with drywall, this is only one less step to perform. When hanging drywall, it is important to consider where the wall studs are placed. You will need the studs if you plan to mount items, such as neon beer signs, basketball hoops or flat-screen wall mounts.

Part 3: The Floors

The majority of garages are built on concrete slab foundations, so this should be an easier procedure. The problem with concrete flooring is it can become cold, and then you will need to install insulation and floorboards. If you already have floorboards, carpet installation could become an option. Should you choose to retain the concrete floor, it is recommended that you use large rugs or carpet pieces for the floor. It may be tempting to leave the concrete floor bare, but you will be on your feet playing games all day; therefore, it may be better to install some type of supportive and comfortable flooring.

Part 4: The Ceiling

If the garage ceiling is unfinished, you can opt to leave it that way; however, if you do not wish to view the rafters of a garage it is possible to cover them with drywall (and paint the drywall as well). Regardless of what you wish to do, you will need to install lighting fixtures via the ceiling. A ceiling fan is also useful to circulate air in the garage, particularly if you are not installing air conditioning to the extension.

Part 5: The Furniture

You can opt to use furniture from your house in the new man cave, or you can buy some new items; however, you must have something for your friends to sit on! Not to mention, you need to have a place to put the drinks and food on offer; so try buying a bar-sized fridge if you don’t mean to use a table.

Part 6: The Man Cave Factor

A man cave is not a man cave without the correct features. Make the place your own! You may enjoy leaving the garage as a garage in certain parts with tools on the wall; however, it is important that you make the man cave comfortable with an area for relaxation.